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  1. WHO MADE THE COURSE ? The course was made by Sreela Banerjee and arises from comments made during an iterative process with a small user group.
  2. HOW DO WE GAIN ACCESS TO THE COURSE TO SEE WHETHER WE WANT TO USE IT? Get in touch - we will send you a link to a demonstration course - email us - it takes just under a minute - with 'send us a link'  in the subject line.
  3. WHAT SHOULD WE DO IF WE DO WANT TO USE IT?  Get in touch again, and we will set up an excel sheet of users, which can be uploaded to the learning management system.  From there each of your users will have a log-in, and access to the course for a whole year.
  4. WHAT ABOUT QUESTIONS? Any questions, just ask through the contact form. Here it is
  5. CAN WE ADD AN INTRODUCTION FROM THE HEAD OF OUR CAREERS SERVICE? Yes of course - send us a video to upload, and we will do that for you.  We can also change the logo on the course so that to your students it looks like an in-house course.
  6. CAN WE ASK TO HAVE NEW MATERIAL INCLUDED IN THE COURSE? We will try and be as flexible as possible - just ask, please and we will take it from there
  7. HOW DO WE PAY?  Payment details are available upon request, and an invoice will be sent for your records. Just get in touch, and we'll sort that out.

Details of the Learning Management System

The Learning Management & Student Administration System (LMSAS) we use helps you easily manage and track student progress; a dynamic transparent real time system geared to make inspection and monitoring easy.

This platform allows you to :
- Centralize and automate the administration of the learning content and enrolling students;

- The content can be accessed on desktop, laptop and tablets; ensuring flexibility of access for students who need to do this in addition to their academic work;

- You can import student data into the LMSAS through your existing spreadsheet or database files (no need for extra data entry);

- Course enrollment is simple, the registration email is generated automatically;

- You can track your learner activity and communicate their performance metrics using dynamic diagrams and overviews - great for inspections;

- If you want to use certificates to mark a course participation you can upload digital certificates as needed.

A cross curricular provision – also a good parent engagement tool

All educators know that children learn through a combination of factors - parent engagement has always been a key objective to enhance student performance.  These courses are set out to be a tool for engaging both students and their parents. It is set out deliberately as a cross curricular unit, so that discussions can ensue in a range of spheres : PSHE, English, maths/ICT.

Most importantly, they create an opportunity to have conversations at home and in the classroom ; here is how :

  • There is a section in the first course about dressing appropriately - this might lead to a chat about getting clothes ready, cleaning rooms, preparing for a new start and so forth, at home (parent engagement)
  • There is a whole section on listening and finding out what students think, which could lead on to asking parents, guardians, or other care-givers and relatives for stories of their own experience (parents linking with material provided by school)
  • There is a section on writing styles - which might lead to a chat with the English teacher about the difference between an academic writing style and a business writing style (English)
  • There is a small section on business models, which might lead to discussion in class (Economics)
  • There is advice about what to say and what not to say on social media (PSHE)
  • There is mention of a budget for eating and travel - this might link in to maths, or even ICT as a small table could be drawn up of different categories of expenditure and amounts spent