Stepping into the workplace

On this page, I speak as a parent. These courses were test-driven within my family. Work placements and internships start coming up as soon as they are sixteen - all too quickly. The purpose of the first two courses is to prepare our children for internships, so that they come out of them with a range of stories to enrich their Curriculum Vitae. They then can use the third course to best fit these stories into their CVs, keeping in mind the computerized weeding process that is often in use at any recruitment firm.

The third course deliberately creates opportunities for conversations about preferences, likes and dislikes, and in particular uncertainties. There is a whole section on thinking about preferences. I find as a parent that it is important to provide an input. Sometimes a young person agrees, and sometimes there is disagreement, but whatever they choose to do, their choice is informed by what we as parents say. My father wanted me to be a doctor like him - but I chose not to do it, because I saw in his life many things which I didn't want in mine, most of them to do with the profession. He said when I was older, that he was glad I'd chosen to go my own way. Looking at the same material and commenting on its usefulness makes the process less personal, and more objective. My aim was to provide this material, in the form of these courses.

Your input in this process is as ever, invaluable.

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The process for buying this is to get in touch with me - please use the contact form- I will be in touch with log in details, which you can pass on to your child - the cost is £30 for 3 courses.

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The first of these courses was made as a way to engender conversation between a parent and a child, who for intangible and trivial reasons had temporarily suspended communication (familiar story!). We think that there is enough material in these courses for you to start several conversations with your child - either to agree, or disagree, amplify, or amend. It opens doors, and creates opportunities. Please do critique the course (this is a great way to start the talking) in as many ways as you can - and if possible send your comments to me via the comment box - I would love to learn from your insights.


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