For individual students – gaining confidence – FAQ below

The first course is called Every Workplace - it talks about the basics - getting to work, when to arrive, and how to make time to ask questions of your nearest colleague. Here are the headings of the main section of this course - a bit basic you might think, but if you follow this, you've done the basics right !


If you would like to know more - get in touch.


The second course is about making the transition between education and the workplace.  It was written to address some of the gaps which are the most difficult to fill - should one for example talk to someone first, when a question arises, or put the question in writing - to make it easier to recall - after all the person is busy and may need help to remember. . .  this and other issues are discussed so that the learner has at least come across the questions before having to make decisions. Get in touch, if you want to know more.


The third course is about Applicant Tracking Systems which are used by recruiters in almost all but the smallest of companies.  If you are submitting your CV to a recruitment jobs board, then it will most likely have an ATS to 'weed out' those submissions which don't have the right keywords for the intended employer's internship, or paid job.  It is useful to know how one works and make every effort to ensure that your CV is looked at by a human being. If you want to know more, or buy it, get in touch.

frequently asked questions


  1. WHO WROTE THE COURSES ? Sreela Banerjee wrote all the courses - graduating from the London School of Economics, and completing her MBA at Cass Business School, Sreela has been  working both in the public and private sectors at senior levels, and at all times has had responsibility for recruitment
  2. IS THERE A FREE TASTER COURSE?  Yes, there is one coming up - please look out for it around November 2016
  3. HOW LONG WILL I HAVE ACCESS TO THE COURSE? Each of the courses covers many things which are hard to take in at the first sitting.  Also, each course is designed to have content which will make even more sense after you have started your internship - and it is therefore designed that anyone buying this bundle of courses should have access to them for a full twelve months - so that they can come back and make sense of each aspect of this course which is clarified by first hand experience during the internship.
  4. DO THE COURSES HAVE ASSESSMENTS?  ARE THE QUESTIONS TIMED?  HOW MANY TIMES CAN I TAKE THE ASSESSMENTS? The independent student version of the courses don't have assessments - there is no point in having them, since nobody will monitor your outcomes. The main outcome is that you should have some idea of the rules of the new environment into which you will enter..... and that you should do it confidently. There is a fun quiz after one of the sections.
  5. CAN I CONTACT THE COURSE MAKER AND ASK FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Yes, the email address is in the contact section - just fill in the little form.
  6. HOW WILL I GET FULL ACCESS TO THE COURSES - HOW CAN I PAY ?  Get in touch. It should take less than 24 hours after your payment clears.  You can pay by direct bank transfer or use a paypal payment option, which is being set up.


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