Our aims -stated simply

Life skills are core skills which can be taught, and which improve with regular practice.The Life Skills Network provides basic scaffolding educational input in four key areas for people to survive and thrive in the modern world.

This is personal education: self care, financial awareness, social media savvy, and an appreciation of the common ground between all human culture.

Our aim is to make this information available quickly and easily to as many people as will find it useful, in all countries.

In many respects this already forms the foundations of what employers are hoping for from those leaving education. Employability skills are nothing but great life skills put into practice.

It should be what every parent knows, so that there is a common thread in conversations between children and their parents or carers. 

We hope that a measure of the smartness of ‘smart cities’ will be to incorporate life skills education into its primary remit.  We believe that smart citizens make for smart cities. Adaptability in changing times is a core skill.

We hope that as it becomes more obvious that this is a core educational scaffold, the baton will be taken up elsewhere, and our nascent organisation will become a truly global network of parents, corporate practitioners, teachers and governments.

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