Our partners and supporters

Gillev Limited

Gillev Limited - the Life Skills Network's primary sponsor and supporter

Thanks to Gillev, the Life Skills Network had the time and the data

to put together the courses under the heading:


Link to why they supported us, and the philosophy behind the development of these courses.



Ashley Chilcott, Student at Sheffield University

Ashley is a sociology student at Sheffield University. He has reviewed the content of these courses, and as a result of his extensive, well organised and detailed comments (we have rejoiced reading some of them), and on four occasions modified what was included in the course for university graduates.

It is thoughtful inputs like this that makes the courses what they are: hopefully everyone else will find them to be just as much of an empowering input as Ashley did.

PARENTING 2.0 - an early supporter of the LSN

Parenting 2.0 - advocacy

This was the international organisation which invited Sreela Banerjee of the Life Skills Network to speak on two occasions - in 2014 on the 'Self care panel' at their international conference, and in 2016 as the lead of their 'Respect for Self and Others' panel.

If you want to know what these panels are, do visit their site - their Life Skills Report Card advocates that these qualities and attributes should stand as equal measures of achievement alongside academic results.  Here is a link to the report card in question - ready for download.