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This course is about how to think about internships, and be a good intern.

Being a good intern is the objective, but in order to do that, you have to fit into ways that your particular company thinks – it is not a ‘standard’ thing. We make this point by showing how an intern might think in different situations :

  • Three kinds of companies are used as examples – a literature festival, a firm of lawyers and a large retailer.   We include how each is thinking about its customers, suppliers and competitors…
  • The practical aspects of starting and finishing your first stint at a workplace of course remain the same. These are included, as well as how to keep in touch, who to thank, who to copy it to, and related etiquette.


Note to students :

This is about going out to work – an overview. As you see, it includes sections on getting there and leaving….. which might be seen as patronizing, but so many complaints about this going wrong were made by companies (our consulting clients), that we thought it best to include them.

This course answers the question ‘how can I put my work experience to best use?’  Remember that quite a few employers look at their interns first, as their prospective recruits – if you shine, you are improving your chances of being asked to come back as a paid employee.

This is a comprehensive look at how to think about the practicalities of being in a workplace. How are they thinking – your employers most likely won’t have time to tell you about any of this, because they have to get their day’s work done, but if you show signs that you know the structure of the organization, then you will be able to ask questions which make sense to them. That is what makes you memorable.

It also takes three different examples – a literature festival, a law firm and a large retail company, and shows you how to think in these three different contexts – one size does not fit all.

Additional Notes

  • Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers.
  • The course is easy to project from a laptop, if you are a teacher reading this.
  • For the price quoted, each of these courses is accessible for a full six months.
  • Access details are sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.
  • Courses are subject to continuous development – sometimes new examples will be used, to reflect current events, or spark a discussion about a public issue which can be incorporated into the learning. Courses will be updated at source – VLE uploads can be refreshed at an additional cost.


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