Finding your attention – based on mindfulness

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This is a course in two parts for teachers.
For yourself, find out what mindfulness is, and learn the basic things it asks of a practitioner, with short exercises.
For your students there are resources to use in class. Your students will learn :
– What is their attention
   – Why the mind wanders, when we ask ourselves to notice something
   – The evidence base for using mindfulness

There is more besides – But those are the basics



This is a practical introductory course for teachers who do not already have a mindfulness practice – consisting of listening exercises, a ‘body scan’ and a ‘Thought and Light’ practice. These are in effect ‘taster sessions’ – users are encouraged to find a qualified teacher, and set up a personal practice. Please read the introduction before you embark.

Teachers using this will understand why Western secular mindfulness based practices can be included in school curricula, what the evidence base looks like for mindfulness in terms of scientific studies and also some basic ‘classroom relevant’  skills which can be accessed using a mindfulness based approach.

Two questions are frequently asked about mindfulness among those who have recently started to look into it.

– What is someone ‘doing their practice’ actually doing ? What is the practice ?

– Why does our mind wander ?

For teachers there are notes on how to use the material provided in the classroom.

In addition there is a Resources section :

  • For anyone from 11 years upwards – there is a suggested 4 minute ‘pay attention’ exercise.
  • For young people of 17/18 or above – a video and a suggested classroom exercise.

Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers. The course is easy to project in a classroom, from a laptop. Each of these courses is accessible for a full six months.

Access link is sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.