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An applicant tracking system (ATS) is something which we all need to know about – and if we do, we get our CVs in front of the hiring manager….. does not mean we will get the job, but at least you are across the first short-list.

This course tells you about what is an ATS, why it is there, and how best to work with one, to get your CV in front of a human being.  It also encourages you to dream, talk and brainstorm – no point in not doing that ! So, if you have been volunteering your time, and have a set of stories to tell your new (hopefully paying) employer – here are some pointers about how to get your CV from the recruitment agency or HR department, to the desk of the hiring manager.



This course comes in three sections – the first tells you what an applicant tracking system (ATS) is, and why job sites or larger organizations use them.This makes for ease of mind.

The second section is about making sure that a volunteering position does not close the doors. Career Possibilities is a session where the student can be encouraged to dream – and to start conversations about what his options may be. It also helps the student to explore his thoughts and feelings about work, workplaces, what his own preferences are, and then pick out those things which happened to him (or which he noticed) during his internship that he wants to mention in his CV.

The third section is about using keywords in the stories he might wish to tell. It makes sense to know why they are used and how they work, because this enables the student to make reasonable word choices for telling those stories.  This matters, because this is what will enable the agency or HR department to select the CV (which matches keyword requirements) for the first short-list, which is seen by the hiring manager.



  • Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers.
  • The course is easy to project from a laptop in a classroom.
  • For the price quoted, each of these courses is accessible for a full six months.
  • Access details are sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.
  • Courses are subject to continuous development – sometimes new examples will be used, to reflect current events, or spark a discussion about a public issue which can be incorporated into the learning. Courses will be updated at source – VLE uploads can be refreshed at an additional cost.


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