Internet Savvy – the very basics


Basic things not to get wrong, after you start work, while on the internet.

Four scams going around, to be wary of.  Common sense mistakes to avoid in keeping your financial details secure.


This half hour course was put together for new joiners in any workplace.

Behind each page is a real story of how ‘getting it wrong’ ruined a working day, or sometimes a week, and cost an employer we know real money out of the profits of the company.

The course includes the most reported scams which Trading Standards is currently (2016-17) having to deal with – not strictly to do with the workplace, but we have seen that young people who fall victims to personal scams need to be ‘bailed out’ either by their employers or their colleagues (out of the kindness of their own hearts) – worst of all, they find themselves the butt of jokes…. which can persist for a long while.

Particularly hard to shake off are stories which circulate in workplaces about how a young person researching something did not check their sources, and put in a piece of work based on a website paid for by a cult.

These are far from a comprehensive list of safety measures –  we just thought that these were the worst mistakes made in terms of what the company had to pay to rectify, but also the occasions which made the recent recruit a laughing stock – very uncomfortable.

The headings include :

  • four popular scams (keeping the young person safe, in a personal capacity)
  • your personal financial details (again, safety is the main issue)
  • how to look something up – (search engine basics: there are search engines other than Google)
  • how to keep your company’s network safe (phishing etc)
  • how to do research on behalf of your employer, on the internet


  • Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers.
  • The course is easy to project from a laptop.
  • For the price quoted, each of these courses is accessible for a full twelve months.
  • Access details are sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.
  • Courses are subject to continuous development – sometimes new examples will be used, to reflect current events, or spark a discussion about a public issue which can be incorporated into the learning. Courses will be updated at source – VLE uploads can be refreshed at an additional cost.


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