Making a four part map


This is a guided tour of the four parts of the original course presented by the LSN to the Waterloo Job Shop in 2015.  The first part of it, the personal map is a course in mindfulness based attention training (already available to teachers) – the rest are in the process of being prepared. If you wish to be a member of the pilot consortium, after seeing this outline, please get in touch.  Together they are designed as a holistic offering, with insights into how the world works, communications and social media, and the common ground between different world views. A rounded set of work-ready skills is the desired outcome.


If schools, colleges and universities are to adopt this life skills course as a framework, then they need to know its scope, and also they need to be introduced to the e-learning platform.

If you take this course you will learn :

  • What are the four ‘maps’ that young people should be encouraged to make, before they set out to earn their livings in the real economy?
  • How are these maps related to each other ?
  • What does this e-learning platform look like – and what can potentially be taught using it?

It is a short course, and deliberately priced to encourage educational establishments to consider whether they wish to offer their young people this kind of ‘whole person’ guidance.

It is also an invitation to parents to see if they wish to use this framework to create conversations with their children.  Every course in this series has formed the basis of discussions in the home – that was their original purpose.




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