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This bundle of four courses is provided to UK schools by the kind support of the Tasha Foundation and with the collaboration of the Careers and Enterprise Company. It consists of the four courses pictured to the left.  Every workplace covers what it says – basics of getting there and leaving a placement or work experience opportunity, with three worked examples of different kinds of organisations (a literature festival, a law firm and the headquarters of a clothes retail company), and how to think about the business in each kind of environment. Basic internet savvy is just what it says – and Get your CV in front of a human is about writing the kind of CV that recruiters’ applicant tracking systems will ‘pass’ rather than reject. Transition from education into the workplace looks at writing styles, confidentiality, organisation structure and other key topics on which one could hold class discussions.




The bundle of four courses is provided to UK schools at a reduced price for a six month license (one log in), to each of these four courses, for a limited period of time, until the terms of our pilot project grant expire.

Any school signing up for the grant period will get this reduction extended for the rest of the year, and on to the first half of the second year of subscription.

It includes 2x1hr, one to one discussion with your enterprise adviser or career lead on how best to approach the courses, and use them to the greatest benefit of students, in your particular setting.

This bundle can be used in two ways –

Access to careers lead within a school, to use as they wish

A UK school can buy this bundle, for the school’s careers guidance staff, involved in providing a careers options overview.  The teacher in question can use his/her own computer to log in, and project these pages on to a screen. The choice therefore remains with the teacher to take the class through a topic, as (s)he sees fit.

(S)he can use only one page to start a discussion on a particular topic, or take a rapid course through any set of pages, coming back to any which sparked particular interest with students. It is up to you, how you use this resource.

Access to all students via the School’s Virtual Learning Environment

A UK school with a Virtual Learning Environment can have these four courses uploaded on to their VLE, at a price to be agreed. VLE uploads are outside the scope of the grant we have received.

Please let us know if this is the way you wish to proceed. We would put you in touch with appropriate staff at the current host of our courses, so that your IT staff can load the courses direct to your hosting service.

These are SCORM compliant courses, and should display without difficulty in any VLE complying with SCORM guidelines, which they typically do.


Access for more than one site

If you are a multi-site establishment, serving a group of schools where you would like to have these courses available, please contact us. The price will reflect the number of pupils you serve.

Tailoring these courses to your own locality – in collaboration with your enterprise coordinator and the local LEP

If, having seen this framework of courses you wish to make this available to individual students, with the examples of employers amended to include the sectors of employers which are local to your school, we are happy to do that – please contact us by email : – we will discuss with you a schedule of work, and a timetable to accommodate your requirements.


  • Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers.
  • The course is easy to project from a laptop.
  • For the price quoted, each of these courses is accessible for six months.
  • Access details are sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.
  • Courses are subject to continuous development – sometimes new examples will be used, to reflect current events, or spark a discussion about a public issue which can be incorporated into the learning. Courses will be updated at source – VLE uploads can be refreshed at an additional cost.





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