Transition from education into the workplace


This course is about looking at the working world – what is in it?

You keep hearing about the different sectors of the economy – what are they ?  What kinds of organizations exist and what do they do ?  This should give you an idea of where you might wish to work.  See where you think you might fit – what fires your imagination ?




A note to students :

So far, we assume, you have been in education.  This is your first step into the world outside it.

This course tells you something about how to communicate when you do get inside a company for an internship. It covers what confidentiality is, and what might be thought to be a breach.  It also talks about freedom of information, just for completeness.

We look deliberately at the different kinds of organizations there are – so you can see how they fit in with one another. So many employers have mentioned that young people seem not to know anything about the working world, that it seemed necessary to include a summarized version.

The idea is that if you know something about the whole landscape, you will be able to see where the company you’ve joined during your internship fits into the overall scene – that is a great start, to feeling more secure and confident about asking questions.


  • Courses can be accessed using ipads, windows and android tablets, and of course laptops and desktop computers. This gives you complete flexibility about when you complete the course.
  • The course is easy to project from a laptop.
  • For the price quoted, each of these courses is accessible for a full six months.
  • Access details are sent by email upon completing payment, usually within two working days.
  • Courses are subject to continuous development – sometimes new examples will be used, to reflect current events, or spark a discussion about a public issue which can be incorporated into the learning. Courses will be updated at source – VLE uploads can be refreshed at an additional cost.


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