Sample pages from the courses

The following are some pages from two of the courses we offer – so you can see the depth of the coverage and the language used to explain things.  All the interactive elements of the page are not present – for example, the audios don’t click on to the MP3 recording, nor do the interactions actually work – this is just a set of sample pages, for you to see if this is appropriate for you.1why-do-the-course-get-your-cv

This is a page from the course about getting your CV past the machines which sift it first, into the hands of a real human being.  This page tells you why we thought this course was necessary.  It gives you the context of a fuller picture – where you fit into the eco-system of getting work.


This course includes a section on making up your mind about what interests you, and growing the confidence to listen to your own inner ideas and thoughts, as you listen to stories of other peoples’ careers.  This listening to yourself is an essential part of the process of collecting stories to put in your CV, which will contain the keywords you need to get past the machines, to a real person.



We are told about keeping safe a company’s commercially sensitive information – it was a while before anyone explained what this meant – here is a page from the ‘Transition from education into Work’ course which tells you very clearly what commercial information is, and how to avoid a breach of commercial confidentiality.  If you’d like to know more, get in touch – we’d be happy to call you back at your convenience, or send more information by email.


There is a section of the course which tells you something about the big picture out there – what the working world looks like – a sort of overview.  You will hear the expression ‘business model’ but there is little explanation of what one is – we look at three basic ones, so you can check out the company’s business model, to see if it is a version of one of these. Drop us a line, if you want to know more.



Some of you might join partnerships, and others big companies – a lot of you will join small companies where you may work very closely with the owners of the company.  Be aware of whose company you will be keeping, because this will form a part of your story – preparing for interviews, for work or the next stage of your educational journey.  Get in touch, if you’d like to know more