The three courses – work readiness 101

Every Workplace


The purpose of this course is to tell the young person about to get work experience

something about the way workplaces- well, work.

It covers what to put in an CV and how one should think about the CV from the point of view of the employer who is likely to see it.  It talks about the social media checks the employer is likely to do, and therefore what precautions to take in this respect.

It covers day one, and also the final day, and the etiquette surrounding both. It also looks at basic health and safety issues and when to ask questions and the etiquette surrounding the relationships with one's immediate superior.

Transition from education into work


The purpose of this course is more wide-ranging. It covers the essentials of business writing, and also of confidentiality; making an inexcusable error in this respect can be expensive for the employer and counter-productive for the individual. There is an outline description of boundaries between the different departments of the firm, the firms in a sector, and shareholders who own them. The intention is that even if something is not clear at the outset, there is something to refer to during the internship period.... and that is why the modules are made available for a whole year, upon a single one off payment. Start your annual access before the internship begins and let it run to after it finishes

Get your CV seen by a human


This is a rather neglected topic in schools and FE colleges - not to mention universities.  Most of us find out by default that Applicant Tracking Systems are in use both within companies and particularly in recruitment firms, which are used to compile the first shortlist.  A significant number of CVs don't get to a human being - they are discarded because they don't have the right keywords.  This is a short course about how to draft one's CV - not for human eyes, but to get beyond the machines in the first place.

It takes a professional look at why such systems are used, and makes suggestions about how to get beyond it, to a human being, on whose discretion an internship might be granted.