Mairi McDonald

Having been the archivist at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust over much of her career, Mairi McDonald brings a broad range of skills, the most valued of which at this start up phase is her ability to ask the right question at the right moment.

She lectures at Birmingham University from time to time on various specialist matters to do with Shakespeare's life and works (e.g. the script used, and its interpretation) to PhD students.

She was invited to join the board of the Life Skills Network in 2015.  We are so glad she accepted. 


Charles Gillams


Charles is a Chartered Accountant with a wide range of experience in a number of sectors. He was a County Councillor for eight years at Gloucestershire County Council, taking the lead on Resources and the Environment.

Director of Gillev Limited a company approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out corporate finance activity for some 10 years, Charles was of the opinion that much of what we were offering to parents, schools colleges and universities could just as well be offered to companies, to bring their own staff up to standard in the post-internet world of today.

He offers strategic guidance, as needed.

The life skills network was co-founded by Sreela Banerjee
Sreela Banerjee, Co-founder


Sreela Banerjee, a corporate consultant, and long time mindfulness practitioner, made four or five 'frameworks for conversations' for her family and friends using which they could initiate conversations about the world of work, and how to approach and fit into workplaces, with their growing teenage children. The worldwide organisation she was invited to join, Parenting 2.0 called these life skills courses, and the Life Skills Network was born. 

She delivered a four part course, consisting of self care, how the world works, social media and communications and 'common ground' to the staff of the Waterloo job shop, a UK Department of Work and Pensions subcontractor, at their invitation.  As a result of their feedback to make the offering more granular, she has been putting these into e-learning format, and uploading them on to a learning platform. 

Sreela comes from a background in the public sector, followed by the City of London, and then several years of corporate consulting including helping CEOs with mergers and acquisitions and other corporate change.

She is one of the Network's founder members.