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  1. What all students and teachers say is that confidence is the key to a person’s journey towards the workplace, whether it is the first journey, or after a break : Here is caroline goyder on the subject of confidence. Her conclusion is that it is all to do with the breath – around the middle of that video, she says the crucial words ‘the person in the room with the most relaxed breath is the most confident’. The first step for every one is to get into the habit of spending a minute just taking a deep breath.

Here is a downloadable audio and – have it ready on your mobile – so every now and again, through your day, you take a minute – literally a minute – to check out how you are, and take a deep, steadying breath.

This is for everyone – teachers, students and other school staff – and parents, children and grandchildren.

Self awareness and self regulation 101. If I manage to do this three times, I have had a great day, and regulated how I feel through the ups and downs of the day so much more effectively, and well before anything got too overwhelming. I hope you will see the same benefits.

What are these benefits ?

  • punctuation for your day (really important in this period of working at home)
  • self regulation – breathing deeply, before and during the time our feelings, thinking and actions are taking place.

If you are a parent or a teacher you might like to use this powerpoint presentation I used at the LSE when I covered this topic for ‘Women Leaders of Tomorrow’ – one of their student groups.

One or two slides have been updated recently.

A one mInute pause – ‘just check yourself out’ – you are welcome to right click and download audio

2. The Careers and Enterprise Company was keen to interview me about what young people found helpful – and I was able to say that they regard what I provide as authentic, because it came from consultancy clients and other consultants’ observations in workplaces – ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ as one young man put it.

My courses are all derived from my hands on experience in workplaces over 30 years.

In this short video clip, we talk about what is effective and impactful, and what kind of input is appreciated by students.

In this video, Lyn Procter, a practitioner, finds a measure of what is impactful in careers education.

Check out the four LSN courses on this page. Concessionary prices (overall, a 50% reduction) for World Class Schools.